Organizing the revelry

  •  April 3, 2020

Organizing the revelry

It's Carnival - but it's not a mess! Of course, on holidays we are out of the ordinary. And a lot of calories are lost, since behind the electric trio only those who have died will not go. But so many come, along with drinks and irregular hours. Want to know how I organize my holiday?

For perfect planning, let's go by parts. First of all it is worth thinking about the “before” of the revelry. While in the “warm up”, ensure a meal rich in complex carbohydrates (think whole-grain breads and pastas) that will keep you energized.

I already left home - now what? To follow the trio or block without crossing the samba, you will need good quality food that is cool, has a good energy density and is easy to carry. Good requests for the "during" are whole crackers, dried and dehydrated fruits (in chips) and canned juices (prefer sugar-free versions as it already has fructose).

By the end of the day on the avenue, it is worth doing an electrolyte replacement with coconut water or a good detox juice (see recipe here). Also make sure you consume some protein on the way home - such as boxed chocolate and processed cheeses (Polenguinho type). And even more protein when you get home to regain muscle tissue. To know how much to take with you, think that a good sun reveler may need at least 50g of carbohydrates and 500ml of water per hour!

And the beer? Take advantage of my tip to “slim down” this delicious drink, which leaves your beer with just40 calories - read here.

I always follow these tips, but this year I decided to travel. In this Carnival, I will be in the East, between Dubai, Hong Kong, Macau and Abu Dahbi. That is, far from routine! So, wait for news here on the site.

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