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No more mess

  •  April 10, 2020

Who has never fumbled using ketchup? To avoid disasters related to sauce handling, the sliced ​​version is being released. Which is 100% natural and doesn't need a fridge.

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If the sandwich is large and juicy, the likelihood of a mess is high.

Imagine eliminating the risk of stains on clothing by using solid dressing.

That's what the Slice of Sauce promises.

These are solid ketchup slices, individually wrapped.

The product is 100% natural, without the use of dyes and preservatives.

And can be stored out of the fridge, which favors to take anywhere.

The innovative product is being made viable by crowdfunding.

The good news is that the campaign has already doubled its target.

Initially, only those who collaborate will have access to the first batch, to be delivered in June.

You can guarantee your Slice of Sauce on the Kickstarter platform - click here.

How about making your own version of this invention?

For some time I had already thought of a way with which mustard can also be solidified.

To check the recipe - click here.

Below is the demonstration of use of the new product.

Kungs - More Mess ft. Olly Murs & Coely (Audio) (April 2020)