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No more cake

  •  May 28, 2020

Cooling the puree

For those trying to cut sugar from the diet, the tip is to consume baked potatoes or even chips, less in puree form. Science explains how the cooking method makes the food gain calories.

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Reducing sugar consumption as little as possible is important for both the waist and overall health. While the obvious would simply be to cut soft drinks, juices and processed foods, one must keep an eye on the threat that lurks even in the preparation of food.

Research from the University of Georgia (US) Department of Food states that the same food, depending on how it is prepared, can have different glycemic indexes. The most striking example is the potato. When cooked and then mashed, the more refined it is then digested in the small intestine, where the starch it contains is more rapidly assimilated, raising glucose levels.

The opposite also happens. A less refined potato, such as roast, is digested in the colon, where starch has difficulty absorbing and converting it into energy.

Potatoes contain larger starch molecules. Warming or milling them breaks the membrane around them, allowing them to naturally convert to sugar. The more we grind, knead and even chew a food, the more we accelerate the rate at which sugar is released into the gut.

Thus, eating an apple releases less sugar than eating a fruit puree, which in turn releases less than a fruit juice.

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