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No more battery: now what?

  •  September 23, 2020

No more battery: now what?

Every day is the same story. You in a hurry to leave the house, but forgot to charge the mobile. With KettleCharge, your problems are over. Invent is a kettle that, while heating water for a tea, carries your gadgets.

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No matter how much we complain, the power supply is still pretty patchy. To avoid setbacks, solar-powered battery chargers have been launched. Now a far less conventional and far more effective device is coming to market.

KettleCharge promises to charge your phone in 15 minutes while heating a kettle. According to the manufacturers, it can be used in camps, by those who live in remote places or in an emergency when power is suddenly cut off.

To work, simply fill the water container, place it over a flame and wait until the alarm is heard. This is the sign that you have already gotten 10 watts of power, captured by a small thermoelectric generator. The whistle is also a warning to unplug whatever you are carrying - turned on too long may suffer from overheating.

The result is a heated water for tea or coffee; or purified to quench thirst when it cools. And five hours of talk on the phone, or 20 hours to play music and animate the camp.

KettleCharge is on sale now for $ 149.95.

how it works

The operation is simple and breaks the branch when the light goes out

how-it works1

For use at home or where there is no electricity

Here's the video that explains how KettleCharge works.