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No excuses not to run

  •  April 15, 2021

No excuses for not running

It seems that I talk a lot about running, right? I really do. Running is all good: you don't need a teacher or gym, you can be barefoot on the beach or in the park. And there is no shortage of goals. At the end of the month begins the Asics Half Marathon Circuit. And now, what is missing?

For those who have breath, half marathons are the next goal. At the same time, it's a challenge, but not as strenuous as a marathon. This does not mean that sock preparation is easy and can be carried out without planning and quality.

In March, the new Golden Four Asics circus season begins. Tests are scheduled for four Brazilian capitals. The first stage will be in Porto Alegre. And the São Paulo stage will be in August. For other dates, see the Mizuno Circuit article.

To be able to complete, you have to be up to date. In the remaining months, face the necessary interval training, on a slope and a lot of shooting.

A good soundtrack, selected by scientists that we already share here until it helps. And who knows, with my training LIT - Lucilia Intensive Training, until then you are not excited to participate?

No excuses not to run

Next steps

Porto Alegre - 03/23
Rio de Janeiro - 06/04
Sao Paulo - 08/03
Brasilia - 9/11

NO EXCUSES. (April 2021)