Next season: fat

  •  May 28, 2020

Next season: fat

Cities can improve the health and even shape of their residents. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. This is because urban life makes residents gain weight. The tip is not to board this train.

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Working out with the city - Urbanism will end sedentary lifestyle

We have already seen how transformations in the urban environment can encourage a healthier lifestyle.

It's what planners and architects call active design.

But it must be understood that until the city can benefit from its fitness, it must stop harming it.

According to a study by the Portuguese Society for the Study of Obesity, it was the modification of the structure of cities, the consequence of which was real estate speculation, which drove people to the suburbs.

When living far away, people are forced to spend a lot of time in displacement, stuck in public transport or in hours of solitary traffic jam.

With that, we have a more sedentary life.

The roadmap becomes predictable: less time for physical activity, a tendency for fast, high-fat meals, and consequently overweight and obesity.

Not coincidentally, according to a survey by the Ministry of Health, 52.5% of the Brazilian population is overweight.

The trend is the same in countries where the urban population is the majority.

To resolve the issue, we need to rephrase the way we live in cities.

The goal is, through new uses of shared space, to promote physical activity among citizens.

One way out is the mixed use of land, which distributes homes, offices, schools, shops, cultural and leisure spaces throughout the neighborhoods to encourage walking or cycling.

The construction of more parks, squares and recreational areas also encourages outdoor living and sports.

The only certainty is that it's up to you to shed the comfort, get up off the couch and claim and enjoy it all.

Who a tip?

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