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New weapon for cleaning

  •  August 13, 2020

If cleaning is important to you, how about getting rid of dust before it even falls to the floor? CES 2017 launch, drone works as flying vacuum cleaner.

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Every year, always in January, Las Vegas hosts the world's largest technology fair.

In 2017, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Among the approximately 20,000 releases recorded in this edition, robotics in the home environment gained prominence.

This is because the technology tested on the streets (and in the air) is being employed to combat the enemy within.

The company Ataraina introduced the Flying Magic Cleaner, a drone that acts as a vacuum cleaner.

Touted as the first flying appliance, the gadget has the power to pick up particles as fine as pollen.

And before they hit the ground, so to speak.

While flying, the device generates an air flow.

At this time, it collects particulate matter - up to 2.5 microns in size.

The drone is lined with a tissue charged with negative ions.

Functioning like a magnet, they attract pollutants and particulate matter.

It is controlled by the smartphone, where it is also possible to schedule automatic flights.

In this mode, the manufacturer recommends its use in environments that need to control cleanliness, such as hospitals.

Check out how the drone works, in a piece of report produced by Daily mail.

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