New sugar loses half calories

  •  September 23, 2020

New sugar loses half calories

Thinking of eliminating sugar, but don't like sweeteners? Hope is renewed with the announcement of a new replacement. Discover the product that uses real sugar and nanoparticles to “trick” the tongue and cut half the calories.

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Sugar is the number one enemy of the western diet.

For many reasons, this delicious crystallized carbohydrate compound has been blamed for the obesity epidemic we are witnessing today.

Now Israeli startup Doux Matok has developed a way to sweeten whatever it takes with half the sugar needed before.

Yes, that means doing the same thing with half the calories.

The idea is simple and therefore brilliant.

To better explain, remember the Trojan horse myth.

What the inventors did was to coat cellulose (or silica) nanoparticles with sugar.

When this cluster is ingested, the sugar on the outside makes us taste sweet by activating the taste buds.

After this layer is "melted", in the crumb are the undigested cellulose particles.

The result is a 25 to 55 percent decrease in the amount of sugar needed to taste a food, depending on what it is.

The company has begun testing the technology with the food industry, and already has a version that can be used in cakes and soft drinks.

The planning is, after the successful testing period, to license the product soon.

There is an expectation on how the US FDA will approach the product as there is no legislation on nanoparticles.

This is a valuable market, as the search for alternatives to sugar must intensify.

For those who are not used to the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners, the wait for something like this Israeli invention is worth it.

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