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New Selfies Sticker

  •  August 13, 2020

Selfies are prohibited.

What do selfies say about you? In order to better select app attendees to bring people closer together, autophotos in profiles are prohibited. Only 100% true people enter.

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In social networks, we are who we want to be.

After all, just say what to invent of yourself.

And post the photo you want.

In this case, the illustration of the profiles of the most narcissistic people is the selfies.

To encourage truer profiles, the Bumble app, designed to bring people together, has released new standards.

The first one is to ban selfies.

Exactly the worst kind: the mirror selfies.

Eliminating the embarrassment of targeting unnecessary sensualization is one of the steps taken in the app's new image moderation policy.

According to a statement, the measures aim to bring the “real life” rules to the virtual environment.

Since no one performs socially in summary attire, such behavior would not be acceptable in any sphere.

The same communication states that the changes reflect what the user base wants.

The profiles that are most shifted to the left, which means discarding, are mirror photos.

And no less than 86% of network profiles today are mirror photos.

Here's what determines the new app “tag” rules.

In the workout


The selfies of the spotted crop are controversial.

When displayed indoors, they reduce who they illustrate to carved pieces of meat.

For this reason, they became prohibited.

On the contrary, outdoors can be understood as the representation of a lifestyle.

Minimal costumes


Bikinis are allowed outdoors (beach, pool and etc.).

But participants should not post photos in swimsuits or underwear indoors.

Unsolicited, such images are invasive and in bad taste.

That is: no mirror selfies!

Presence of children


No child can appear alone.

When it appears, it should always be in the picture with an adult.

The app does not allow people to be represented by their children in isolation.

Even because the service is restricted to over 18 years.

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