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New Lupine Face

  •  October 27, 2020

I am from a Portuguese family. So what was my surprise to see you like that. The new successful superfood in Europe is the lupine. Trend reveals new recipes and uses with the grain.

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Yes, the lupine's turn came.

And what sets you apart from a long list of superfoods?

Gluten free, the legume has more protein than three eggs.

Among the vegetable sources (zero fat), it has more protein than quinoa.

That's 40 g per 100 g in flake form (cooked quinoa is about 4.4 g).

Three times more potassium than bananas.

And twice as much magnesium as spinach.

In the form of flakes?

This novelty has revolutionized its consumption.

After all, the traditional mode of lupine cooking demands sauce for hours.

At the current pace of life, this stage made it impossible to count on its power.

With an eye on opportunity, a more accessible version emerged.

"Lupine flakes offer a unique combination of low carbohydrate proteins."

The explanation comes from Sofi Sipsa, a scientist at LupineFood, a leading manufacturer.

The company is Australian, which accounts for 85% of global production.

"Gluten free, it provides prebiotic fibers, minerals and bioavailable essential amino acids."

The new product enters the elaboration of numerous dishes.

Highlighting the advantageous exchange in replacing wheat flour.

The change provides lower blood pressure and insulin sensitivity.

In the study, people who ate lupine-enriched bread consumed fewer calories than those who ate white bread.

This points to its satiety potential.

Not to mention the use of lupine in vegan diets.

Its neutral flavor favors the mix from porridge to pies.

Now, wait for the import or even a local production.

The release aligns with others who see new ways for food.

Like fruitons, which are croutons made of fruits.

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Lupine (English) compared to other grains

The following video introduces the product creation.

Thee Oh Sees - Lupine Dominus (Demo) (October 2020)