New appliance will freeze your drinks on time

  •  April 15, 2021

New appliance will freeze your drinks on time

If you rely on this device, you'll never have to run after ice again to cool your drinks in time for your guests to arrive.

Dubbed the “reverse microwave”, the V-Tex can cool a bottle of beer or cool one of wine in just 45 seconds. The device has an internal mechanism that rotates the drink to cool quickly, but without changing its original state. A sparkling wine, for example, does not burst when placed on it.

V-Tex also consumes 80% less energy than normal refrigerators. Outside it frees up space in your fridge as it is possible to keep the drinks at room temperature until serving time.

Watch the video to understand how it works:

The product is not yet commercialized, but it is only a matter of time. On the company website you can get more information.

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