New app helps against anxiety

  •  April 15, 2021

New app diagnoses and helps against anxiety

Anxiety exposes us to more serious risks. But often we do not know how to recognize their symptoms. To help, new app identifies an attack and can propose solutions that will put you back in control.

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When it comes to health, tracking one's own trajectory by quantifying our body data is more than welcome.

After all, it's great to know how far your blood pressure is, whether or not you have any vitamin deficiencies, or if there is a spot on the skin that should be investigated.

But there is a problem that is hard to come by on exams and numbers: anxiety.

To identify and help counter attacks, and even prevent progress to a more serious problem, such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), the Hear and Now app was created.

The app focuses on a very common type of brainwave, but only accessible via sensors in the skull, connected to monitors, to measure stress levels.

For convenience, the app uses the camera flash to read and report your heart rate.

Just place your fingertip on the smartphone camera.

The flash illuminates your skin to allow the app to detect pulses (your heart rate).

When the device detects acceleration, it displays a series of eight deep breathing exercises on the screen, assessing how the pulse normalizes as each pulse is completed.

At the end, the app releases the “overall breathing quality” assessment, which tells you how well you followed the exercise.

Anxious temper can already be observed in the childhood of those who inherit this genetic burden.

It is estimated that half of children with this symptom may develop psychiatric disorders as adults.

In addition to a life of living with the hardships imposed by the condition, another of the setbacks to be faced is the emotional appetite.

For these reasons, having a modern tool that can help identify and disarm anxiety is invaluable.

To download the Hear and Now app for free - click here.

Check out the following video how the app works.

apps that help my anxiety (April 2021)