Net Weight: How Much Water Does Food Carry?

  •  April 6, 2020

Net weight

Mouth watering? In the face of this heat, her lack worries. But we have a lot present in what we eat. Find out how much each food carries, from production to its belly.

Yes, fluid retention is a storm. Now imagine for the planet! For a living, each of us produces a "water footprint." The term means that individual consumption of the precious liquid leaves marks. That is, it is possible to track the amount of water that each consumes, which is present in food production. With this information, we can be more aware of the damage caused by processed foods.

You can clearly see the relationship between lifestyle, eating habits and the cost to the planet. So if we put more vegetables than meat on the plate, we eat more nutrients - and still save water. Moisturizing that comes straight from the tap also spends less than consuming iced teas, sodas, and ready-made juices. That is, being good with the body, besides bringing benefits to you, is to be in tune with sustainable consumption, where we all win.

To help with this individual control, access the online calculator created by National Geographic to see how much it seeps through the plate.


• 450g of beef meat = 6,809 liters of water

• 450g pork = 2,180 liters of water

• 450g chicken meat = 1,771 liters of water

Imagine that a big hamburger steak weighs 250g.


• 450g of wheat = 500 liters of water

Wheat production alone consumes 12% of the water used in agriculture.

• 450g of rice = 1,699 liters of water

• 450g corn = 408 liters of water


• 3.8 liters (1 gallon) of milk = 3,331 liters of water

• 3.8 liters of wine = 3,815 liters of water

• 3.8 liters of coffee = 3,331 liters of water

• 3.8 liters of tea = 484 liters of water

• 1 glass of orange juice = 200 liters of water


• 1 cotton t-shirt = 2,698 liters of water

• 500 sheets of paper = 5,000 liters of water

• 450g of chocolate = 11,999 liters of water

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