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Nature x-ray

  •  November 26, 2020

Nature x-ray

Every day, the same routine. Until one day Van't Riet did something that changed his career. Scientist creates amazing images by putting what is ahead of him under X-ray vision. But is this also art?

Dutchman Van't Riet was on the task of radiographing patients in the hospital where he works. With a degree in radiation physics from Delft University of Technology, and a doctorate from Utrecht University, this seasoned practitioner has kept pace with the greatest advances in x-ray technology and, with his experience, no surprise to him.

But life has these things. One day, a colleague asked Van't to x-ray a painting of himself. It was a thin object, with characteristics very different from anything that had ever passed the equipment it operated. Satisfied with the result, he took a liking to the thing. The first thing he subjected himself to low radiation was a jug of tulips. Since the exam plate is in black and white, the next step was to invert the image and add color through the computer graphics program Photoshop. The result is beautiful images of life from within, which have gained a website with the title "X-ray of nature."

The message is that we can see other applications and values ​​of the work we do every day. The important thing is not to lose the ability to get inspired!

X-ray of nature flowers

In the beginning, it was flowers

rooster nature x-ray

Progressively, Van't Riet's work has increased the field of interest

cat nature x-ray

A cat in the garden - black-and-white image is inverted and colorized

x-ray of nature lizards

Lizards and Flowers

monkey nature x-ray



Manta ray

frog nature x-ray

Frog and aquatic plants

x-ray of nature-tulips

The recurring theme: flowers (tulips)

Curious? In the following video, Van´t himself explains his creative process.

Properties and nature of x-rays (November 2020)