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Music track

  •  April 15, 2021

Music track

When a bike sounds, you need to be aware. Either it is the bell, which means an imminent accident, or it is the gears in action, which represents the approach of a cyclist. But for those who are skinny every day, this is pure music. Really.

American Flip Baber is a sound designer and bike fanatic. For these "qualities", was chosen by the agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners to compose the trail of a commercial for the Specialized brand, also for sale in Brazil. The idea was simple: make a Christmas movie with Tchaikovsky's music for the Nutcracker ballet. It was only complicated by a special request from the client that the music should be performed not with instruments but with bicycle parts and parts of its manufacture.

To fulfill the request, the musician, who professionally goes by the nickname Johnnyrandom, recorded hours and hours of sounds. In the search for different sounds, various models of road and mountain bike were used. The result is curious and inspiring. The tip is to put the track in the playlist and go for a ride… bicycle, of course. The song, titled Bespoken, is available for download via iTunes.

Watch below the video that introduces the music creation process.

And look at the commercial produced.

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