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Movie race

  •  April 15, 2021

Movie race

Running is healthy and democratic. You have yet to find out that it is also very fun. Here comes a race where runners take part in their favorite characters from the Star Wars saga.

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Running does not charge a monthly fee, it can be practiced almost anywhere and has numerous health benefits.

Among them, it helps to lose weight, set legs, butt and belly.

The longer the race lasts, the greater the release of hormones such as endorphin and glucagon.

The latter is crucial for carbohydrate metabolism, acting for the body to use extra fat as a source of energy.

That is, the race makes us more beautiful.

And you can have fun too - a lot!

This is the idea of ​​the 2nd Star Wars Run, which will take place on 28/11.

As it's a themed race, dedicated to fans of the science fiction saga, you can expect costumed participants from Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and even the furry ewoks.

Or, why wait?

Arrange your costume and attend properly featured.

Enjoy the race is night, starting at 21h, to get in the mood of ballad.

The route is for experienced runners of 7 km without intermediate distances.

Matching the theme, the setting of the race arena, set up at the Latin American Memorial, is also futuristic.

With so many attractions, ensure your registration on the official website of the event - click here.

And may the force be with you!

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