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Movement against back pain

  •  August 13, 2020

According to the World Health Organization, eight out of ten people will have back problems at some point in their lives. British government recommendation aims to prevent back pain with movement.

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According to study, the average amount of time spent sitting amounts to five hours and 34 minutes.

The research, released by the maker of orthopedic and physical therapy equipment backpainhelp.com, cites cases where people stay in position for up to nine hours daily.

And the wrong posture during this huge part of the day is one of the biggest causes of lower back injuries.

Office workers are the biggest victims as they see at work as an extension of the sedentary lifestyle at home.

Even knowing that this lifestyle leads to other health risks such as diabetes, osteoporosis, anxiety and depression.

In the study, 21% of respondents reported immobility for seven to eight hours / day.

For 32% is between five and six hours / day.

26% sit between three and four hours / day.

And only 7% sit for less than two hours.

The researchers said the results came despite medical recommendations that encourage people to get up and move more.

The figures in England reveal three million days lost to absences at work in 2014/15, with 223,000 cases per year (13.3 days lost / case).

Obviously, due to the economics and the health of the team, the corporate environment must offer programs that avoid functional risks, such as back pain.

But victims need to set aside this condition.

After all, the danger is the sedentary lifestyle that we accommodate at other times of the day and especially on weekends.

Shall we react?

How about a walk of about 20 minutes to get started?

This is the first step in adopting an exercise routine.

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