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Mouth in the world

  •  April 5, 2020

Mouth in the world

With the globalized world, we know the places, the people and their typical dishes. Even without traveling. The culture of countries is present both in people's appearance and their eating habits. No matter where they are, people are what they eat.

To play with the origin of the most famous dishes, Frenchman Jonathan Icher conducted a very colorful photo shoot called Fat flag (something like "fat flag"). In each of the models with their painted bodies (with the help of makeup artist Anastasia Parquet), the tones of the national flags blend with those of the typical dishes represented.

What we see are stereotypes, with Japan and sushi, the United States and hamburger, France and croissant, Italy with pasta and England and their fixation on eggs. But we can also note that, besides appearances, we are very much related to what we eat. Too much. If the photographer included Brazil in his work, the doubt would be great. After all, do we have the face of what food?

As you think, check out the photo gallery.

Mouth in the world FranceWith your mouth in the world: France and its croissantMouth in the world EnglandMouth in the world: England and eggs - overconsumption has always garnered criticism of Queen's countryMouth in the world ItalyItaly could not be left out with its masses representedMouth in the world JapanIn the colors and typical dish, the minimalism of JapanMouth in the world United StatesExcessive US consumption draws attention even in colors

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