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Mother at a distance

  •  April 6, 2020

Mother at a distance

Far from the eyes, but always connected. Sensors placed in everything we do collect the information and generate infographics of the activities of the whole family. From a distance, we can follow and improve the lives of those we love. Definitely, the internet of things has arrived.

Mother is one of these inventions that is being called the "internet of things". In this category, technology is designed to make our life easier without complications, and to get us even closer. Launched by the French company Sen.se, the device uses small motion cookies, with which it is possible to monitor activities that we do automatically, such as brushing our teeth. With a sensor in the brush, we know how many times it has been triggered.

In each activity registered, a performance graph is generated. In the case of brushing, you can do a “competition” and improve the habit of everyone at home. And out of her too. With Mother in the bag, at mealtimes and in the workout, every performance can be improved to make everything better - even sleep.

Remote mother with sensors always aroundRemote mother works with sensors nearbyMother at a distance with infographicsFrom each monitored activity a performance infographic is generatedRemote motherboard small sensorsSensors fit any object

Watch the video that explains how it works.

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Mother in the distance by Edgar Muenala ft. Uudam Sonam 苏纳玛乌达木. (April 2020)