Mirror, my mirror

  •  April 5, 2020

Mirror, my mirror

Among the biggest criticisms of your beauty is yourself. Only 4% of women worldwide feel beautiful. Campaign with FBI police shows that in the eyes of those we love and even strangers, we are beautiful!

If working self-esteem is on your priority list for 2014, we can say that you started well. And it's not from today. In fact, we make a much harder picture of ourselves than anyone else. To prove this point, the Dove brand ran the “Beauty Portraits” campaign, which has become one of the most viralizing videos in internet history.

Behind a curtain, an FBI police officer specializing in forensic art made spoken portraits based on people's own description. Details revealed were hair length, head shape, chin shape and striking features. He then made others by listening to the descriptions provided by strangers. The difference between one and the other, fully recorded in the following video, is striking.

The message is clear: we must be more confident of our natural beauty. If this was the problem, let's go to the next item on the list. May new challenges come!

WITCH HAMMER - Mirror, My Mirror (1990) Full Album (April 2020)