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Menu Relations

  •  September 23, 2020

Menu Relations

Discover the recipe for the perfect first date. To look sexy in each other's eyes, men should not order salad. And women should choose options to eat by hand.

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Whether in a restaurant or bar, invariably a first date happens around a table.

Hence for the couple to share a meal is a leap.

But, attention.

It is the moment of choice of the dishes that will determine the future of the relationship.

According to a British study, more than half of adults judge their suitors by the dish they choose.

Among the findings is that to impress a woman, the man must take her to enjoy a meal of 140 reais.

He will be rated better if he doesn't choose salads - those who do are considered “boring” and “passive”.

And especially if you pay the bill.

Good manners also help a lot.

On the men's side, most find it attractive for women to choose dishes that are eaten by hand, such as chops or hamburgers.

A third of respondents said they found women attractive who had a big appetite.

An appointment at a bar is more likely to end with a kiss than one at a restaurant.

If you are looking for a partner, you may unconsciously end up judging him or her the same way.

Do not fall into this trap.

Possibly people with different habits than yours may suffer with prejudices.

But if manners are met, don't be too impressed with the menu choices.

To form a couple is to build complicity.

If this can be done around a menu, it is worth a second date.

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