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McDonald’s prepares healthy menu

  •  April 6, 2020

McDonald's prepares healthy menu

McDonald's has announced that it will stop marketing a portion of its unhealthy menu for children and young people - including soda - and will start offering natural alternatives such as salads and cut fruits. The adult menu will also undergo changes in order to enter the age of the most digestive and nutritious foods.

The company says it will promote water, low fat milk and juice in all in-store promotions for Happy McLanche. McDonald’s has told the New York Times that it will take a few years to implement changes in half of its restaurants but that in about seven years the entire global chain will be offering the nutritious menu.

This is not the first time the fast food chain has promised to improve its food for children. In 2011, the company reduced the calories from its Happy McLanche by 20%, reducing the number of chips and adding fruit to the children's menu.

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