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Masked at work

  •  April 3, 2020

Masked at work

Thinking of a peaceful planet, without crimes or intergalactic threats from space monsters, what would be the use of superheroes? Classifieds company launches fun campaign that illustrates the superpowers turning 30

Okay, the perfect world doesn't exist. And much less superheroes. But the company Serviced campaign, which offers outsourcing of temporary services, was a lot of fun. Thinking about the powers of the newly unemployed, the company suggests market positions that could be very well executed by vigilantes. Thus, Detective Batman's skills can be employed in a clinical analysis laboratory, for example. Hulk can pursue a career in the demolition business. And the storm would be perfect for the weather forecast!

But Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent and the super friends can be quiet. With so many crimes out there, we'll always need them. Good thing, because to get a job, the secret identity gets in the way. See the following situations.

Masked at work

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