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Magic carpet

  •  April 6, 2020

Flying carpet

Windowless airplane doesn't really need them. LED display makes traveling over clouds as real a experience as possible - or even better if you consider champagne in the highest.

If you think there are people who have everything, you are wrong. The most powerful shopping list may already include the first supersonic jet for sale for private aviation.

And it's not just about getting faster. The Spike S-512 opens the revolutionary windowless cabin. But the view is guaranteed. Cameras outside the aircraft project onto screens that circle the entire interior space in the image of the skies traveled in real time.

Inside, the luxury of the finishes makes the landscape forget. To sleep, just dim it - or just turn off the displays.

According to the manufacturer, Spike Aerospace, a windowless built aircraft enables a more fluid and structurally perfect fuselage, favoring a quieter and more efficient flight. The project, announced last December, brings together engineers who have worked for Boeing and Gulfstream. And it promises to be twice as fast as commercial aircraft. A trip between New York and Paris, for example, could take between three and four hours.

However, the dream of flying like a magic carpet is still far away. The Spike S-512 will only go on sale from 2018, for $ 80 million.

Flying carpet

Exterior view of the S-512 supersonic

Flying carpet

This is definitely not the case - but the fight is over for the little window

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