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Made in Kenya

  •  April 3, 2020

If you are going to buy a running shoe, buy a Kenyan one. Crowdfunding project (already raised 200%) launches the first tennis shoe made in Kenya, perfected by the best runners in the world.

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If the best runners in the world are from Kenya, why are running shoes made in Europe, the United States, or Japan?

Sporting goods companies even release editions that they say are inspired by the Rift Valley, where most of the country's champions are born.

But the authenticity they are trying to buy with marketing has little in the DNA of those who understand it most.

This is the idea behind the Enda tennis project.

In deciding to make running shoes in Kenya, friends and entrepreneurs Nava Osembo-Ombati and Weldon Kennedy materialize the perfect product.

After all, to make the best shoes in the world, it seems obvious to use the Kenyans' knowledge, their feet to perfect the product, and their own hands to adjust each shoe.

And with the environment in which the world's greatest athletes train as a testing ground.

The result, matured in one year of product design and development, is the Enda Iten model.


The first Kenyan-manufactured, state-approved sneakers

With four millimeters of drop, it offers a near-ground tread with enough cushioning to protect the feet and keep footwear light (only 223 grams).

As a standalone product, Enda is being launched through collaborative financing.

In this spirit, its creators show that the value of your product goes beyond.

When manufacturing tennis in a country that is experiencing the consequences of lack of financial resources and infrastructure, the social concern of the project is intrinsic.

It is estimated that production will generate 1,000 direct jobs.

And part of the proceeds from sales will go to educational projects chosen by consumers.

From this perspective, the news is good.

This is because the project has been so well received that it has raised almost twice the amount initially intended.

And it is a few days from being closed.

To secure your match, visit the project page on the Kickstarter platform - click here.

Choose from black, green and red (the colors of the flag of Kenya) and pay $ 100 (about 337 reais, no shipping).

It is estimated that the models will be delivered between November and December / 2016.

Check out the project details in the following video.

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