Love that protects

  •  April 6, 2020

Love that protects

Companions and cute, they defend us from the enemies in sight. And even the invisible ones. You can hug your pet tighter. Bacteria found in pets protects children from asthma and allergies.

Scientists have long known that children growing up in animals, especially on farms, benefit from an invisible shield. The smallest cases of allergy and asthma presented by this group were until then attributed to the “hygiene hypothesis” - that in modern life our immune systems are increasingly vulnerable to over-protection.

As we mentioned in the previous article, it seems that comfort leaves us defenseless. Because we are always wearing shoes and in cool environments, we do not develop natural defenses against simple bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Now, a study from the University of Michigan provides definitive proof of this “force field” that pets provide us through mouse experience. In it, some guinea pigs were covered with dust collected from a house where a dog lives. When exposed to allergenic factors, they had less airway inflammation and produced less mucus than other test subjects.

The mice got tougher because the bacteria Lactobacillus johnsoniimade your own immune system develop. Researchers now hope that this bacteria can be used in medicines and products that protect us from allergies. Even those who still resist the cuteness of the faithful companionship of a pet.

NIDO Advanced Protectus 3+ Love That Protects: Part 3 | Nestlé PH (April 2020)