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Looking to the future

  •  April 3, 2020

Looking to the future

I love a technological innovation. And when I heard about Google Glass, I went to check it out during the presentation to the market in Las Vegas. Now they are launching applications for this tool that will change the way we see the world. How about taking a peek?

My first contact with this small spectacle-shaped computer was during CES, the world's largest technology fair, which took place in January this year. From what you can see, this invention will change our view of the future. This is because it has arrived.

Unfortunately, they are not yet for sale. Only those who receive an invitation can get in line to get the first smart glasses. But of course, many companies are already eyeing this potential market. As a result, applications made for Google Glass are already growing.

Compatible with iOS and Android, Google Glass allows users to use some features of their phones through voice commands and eyeglass movement sensors, such as making calls, posting images to Facebook, sending emails and SMS, and taking photos.

The invention adds to reality a virtual information layer. In this scenario, available to the right eye, applications are displayed, with programs that help everything from cooking to keeping the sleepy driver awake. But you still can't go far. Under heavy use, the device can only stand an hour away from the power outlet.

Glass is currently in the testing phase and can only be purchased with an invitation from Google. If you are one of the chosen ones, you must pay a fee of US $ 1,500 (about R $ 3,600) and remove it personally in the United States. It is expected to enter the market at the end of 2014.

Meet now one of 50 applications that have already been launched for this new platform.

Drive safe

Looking to the future

When it detects a longer blink, the Drive Safe app keeps the driver awake with audible warnings and visual stimuli.

All the cooks

Looking to the future

With All The Cooks, everyone will be a chef: watch hands-on, hands-free video recipes for cooking.

Word Lens

With Word Lens, just look at a text in another language that you will see in Portuguese, or the language you want.



This app monitors news sites: in the middle of the stadium, for example, you can “see” a game's information

Looking to the Future - Mike Ault (April 2020)