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Longevity Test

  •  April 10, 2020

If you are able to climb a certain number of steps fast and nonstop, congratulations. With longevity testing, scientists set a lower limit to monitor health.

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Predicting how long a person will live is presumptuous to say the least.

The good news is that it is possible to collect a good code, and simply.

Simple, but not easy.

This is what explains a study of the University Hospital de la Coruña (Spain).

In it, 12 thousand participants were selected.

All of them performed treadmill stress testing, recording heart activity.

Then the researchers followed the group for five years.

After this period, the deaths occurred and their causes were analyzed.

And also the opposite: how much better being influenced the longevity of the group.

As a result, the mortality rate was almost three times higher in participants with low functional capacity.

"The results provide further evidence of the health and longevity benefits of exercise."

The explanation is from one of the study's authors, Dr. Jesús Peteiro.

He adds that people do not need to undergo echocardiography to check their fitness level.

"If you can climb up to three floors of stairs without stopping, you have good functional capacity."

"If not, that's a good indication that you need more exercise."

I consider the goal ambitious and recommend caution - for such effort, consult your doctor.

The study was presented at the EuroEcho-Imaging 2018 congress in December.

Often the choice of stairs attracts, but it is difficult to locate where they are.

Fortunately, conscious architects decided to help.

For them, the challenge is to highlight the steps - read more here.

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