Living with anger

  •  August 13, 2020

Living with anger

You will always recognize this feeling. The expression of anger is the only truly universal one. According to an Australian university study, even blind children who have never seen the expression can reproduce it. Find out why this happens.

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Arched eyebrows, strained jaws and dilated nostrils. If the person in front of you manifests these signs, move away. Although facial expressions are often difficult to decipher, anger has the same face all over the world.

According to a study by Griffith University (Australia), this is a "gift" of the evolution of the human species. The angry face makes us look stronger.

For the study, 141 people were argued about different images of a male face displayed. From the photos shown, respondents had to choose which man looked physically stronger.

Faced with an angry expression, respondents identified what they believed to be images of a seemingly more physically fit man. "Just like a frog will fill with air, or a monkey will show its teeth," according to study co-author Dr. Leda Cosmides.

The study was published in the journalEvolution and Human Behavior.

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