Light of well-being

  •  May 28, 2020

Yes, Himalayan salt has many beneficial properties. And here is one more. New lamp made with salt stone promises to provide better sleep.

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Himalayan salt is here to stay.

Whether for taste or nutritional properties, the choice has gained more and more fans.

The news is that its use goes beyond the kitchen.

Lamps made with the substance have the power to fight depression.

The recommendation comes from holistic and integrative medicine specialists.

Apparently, electricity activates the emission of negative ions by the stone.

This improves the ambient air quality.

Which makes sleeping easier, besides reducing asthma effects and allergies.

And it could even neutralize radiation from cell phones, microwaves and computers.

It could, since there are no studies that prove the fact.

However, the connection between salt and breathing problems is not so exaggerated.

After all, salt can thin the mucus.

It is true that the health benefits are not proven.

But the lamps are beautiful.

From this point of view, it is not crazy to think that the orange glow can be relaxing.

Essential Light for Quiet Contemplation and Well Being (May 2020)