Light for business

  •  July 8, 2020

One factor can help close better deals. Sydney and New York University study reveals how financial decisions are influenced by light intensity.

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Business geniuses are admired for their brilliant moves.

In this universe, the luminous aspect influences more than we could imagine.

Apparently, light in the environment alters the quality and consistency of financial decision making.

The study was done by the universities of Sydney (Australia) and New York (United States).

It was an experiment with 2,500 people.

In each situation people could choose a prize.

It could be a fixed payment of five dollars or a draw, with the possibility of receiving nothing.

Or a cash value of between five and 125 dollars.

The responses were then compared to lighting measurements from a nearby weather station.

"In the brightest days, people made the worst decisions."

The explanation is from one of the authors, Dr. Agnieszka Tymula.

Lighting also affected risky attitudes.

When the light level was high, people were more likely to avoid losses and be less bold.

In choosing between five dollars and a 50% chance of getting 20, most secured the $ 5.

In general, the effects do not represent great magnitude.

"However, they are consistent enough that they have significant influence on the financial markets."

With this knowledge, you can use discovery to your advantage.

If you want to increase the chance of someone investing in a risk, for example, it is better to reduce the light.

Or, if you want to be influenced by a more conservative decision, make an outdoor lunch.

The study was published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.

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