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Life is electric

  •  May 28, 2020

Life is electric

To value the movement, campaign features batteries charged with electricity generated by numerous activities. In a case of marketing where creativity has no limits, the message is even clearer.

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To convince people to practice physical activities, just with a lot of creativity.

And this is the biggest asset of a Life is Electric campaign.

The signature is from Panasonic and the parts were aired in Japan.

In order to highlight the value of movement, the company has created 21 ways to harness energy from alternative sources, such as girls jumping rope, people pedaling, cheerleaders practicing routines, and many others.

With that, we can see how energy is in everything, and the value of each effort.

The creation of Dentsu Tokyo agency spared none.

The campaign features videos of all 21 energy captures, where you see in detail the amount of energy captured and how many moves were made to generate it.

Charging an AA battery, for example, takes 56 minutes on a pedal boat, 44 minutes using a sewing machine, and 33 minutes shaking a cocktail shaker.

You can watch all the videos on the campaign website - click here.

The idea was so well produced that it was awarded the Grand Design Award at the Cannes International Creativity Festival 2016.


Looted: 12-minute view of cheerleaders loads a stack

Knowing the value of movement, do you feel motivated to start generating some electricity?

Watch below the video that presents the whole project.

Life is electric テレビCM120秒【パナソニック公式】 (May 2020)