Kindness warms the heart

  •  October 27, 2020

Kindness warms the heart

When it catches us by surprise, a kindness is received as a hug from those who warm to the heart. In this harsh New York winter, the feeling has been among those who need and find gift scarves on the streets.

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In these early months of 2015, winter has been harsh in the east coast states of the United States.

To get an idea of ​​the intensity of the phenomenon in New York, the beautiful fountain in Bryant Park was completely frozen.

In Manhattan, February's average temperature was - 4.5 ° C, the worst since 1934.

All the snow that looks great as a selfies scene is the same that punishes homeless people.

Facing the unusual cold, residents of the Five Boroughs are tying scarves to the trees so they can be collected by those who need to warm up.

The gesture repeats itself in other cities, including beyond the border, such as Winnipeg and Ottawa, Canada.

The campaign is conducted spontaneously. Some groups organize their actions via Facebook.

After all, membership is simple. Gloves, blankets and scarves are left tied to trees, statues, posts and bars with messages.

“I was not lost. To warm up, please take me, ”signals a scarf.

Like other examples we have seen, the purpose of each of these actions is to stimulate a culture of urban kindness.


Tickets are left by scarves, tied to trees and railings in cities

Kindness Warms the Heart (October 2020)