Keep out of the reach of children

  •  April 6, 2020

Keep out of the reach of children

Bringing the little ones to the supermarket is messing up. For their future. After all, in the face of sweets, it's difficult to control the situation. And the more weight we allow children to gain, the harder it will be to lose them later. In this fight, who can help us?

European supermarket chain Lidl recently banned candy and candy from all its cashiers in 600 stores in England. The order now is to replace the goodies with fruits (fresh and dehydrated), oatmeal and natural juices.

The decision came after research done by the network itself with parents. The result was that if offered the option, 70% would prefer to find a snack-free cashier. And at the time when children are most excited, as the custom is to "buy" their good behavior with a candy at the end of shopping. In English, this power of children is called pester power (and does not even need translation). At the end of a month, the expense of this “bribe”, which is practiced by 66% of parents, weighs beyond the balance, totaling 20 to 40 pounds (about 80 to 160 reais).

Other chains, such as Tesco and Sainsbury's, have already embraced the trend, though the sweet threats from cashiers and their convenience stores are still missing. The collective attitude came after a National Obesity Forum poll released that by 2050 half of Britons would be obese.

The threat is real. And not only in England and the United States but, as we have seen, especially in developing countries - among them, our Brazil. This is an example that puts us thinking, especially on the counter here, as consumers. We have already talked about child nutrition. Click here to continue reading about my opinion.

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