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Junk food threatens the kidneys

  •  April 10, 2020

Junk food threatens the kidneys

We should avoid junk food by its effect on the balance, right? Not only. A study in England reveals how fast-food bars affect body organs.

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Not surprisingly, the well-known junk food is low in nutrients and rich in ingredients like sugar, trans fats and salt.

But research by the University of Anglia (England) on guinea pigs points out how daily facing the option can damage the kidneys similar to type 2 diabetes.

Associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin or does not react to it, which causes blood sugar to build up.

In the study, guinea pigs were fed for two months on a diet based on chocolates, marshmallows, crackers and cheese.

By analyzing the blood sugar level and the function of glucose carriers in the kidneys of these guinea pigs, similar damage was found to that found in guinea pigs with diabetes 1 or 2.

Animal studies provide valuable information, but of course it cannot be said that the effects found are the same in humans.

But it is also not possible to ignore the effects.

This is not the first evidence to suggest that junk food does more than simply add fat to its silhouette.

A Mayo Clinic study published in 2015 has already proven that this type of diet disrupts hormones, alters taste and increases inflammation in the body.

Not a few warnings that this kind of food, as much pleasure as it provides, simply does not pay.

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