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It's time to focus

  •  April 15, 2021

It's time to focus

Those who do not complete what they are doing to start another task have yet another reason to discipline themselves. According to a study by Brazilian neuroscientists, without setting priorities, we overload the brain beyond measure.

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By not completing what you started, you end up inhibiting the brain circuits that were being formed to decode the information.

Thus, the brain needs to form a new circuit to kick-start another activity. According to the researchers, this shuttle is exhausting and can cause memory lapses.

So we get full heads because neurons are susceptible to fatigue. But the sufferer is the whole body, with muscle aches, irregular sleep and eating disorders that eventually reflect on the waist.

That way no one completes anything. Then the vicious circle starts again the next day, the agenda is accumulated and makes you want to disappear.

Since this is not an option, no more procrastinating. The way is to face trouble with another attitude.

Take advantage of the beginning of the year to evaluate which projects need to be completed and which should be abandoned. Make a priority list and start deleting items one by one.

This tip is from my book Balance Point. To download and consult on your tablet whenever you want, visit the website home - click here.

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