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It's easy to grow your own spices at home

  •  April 3, 2020

It's easy to grow your own spices at home

When you plant, grow and harvest the herbs and spices that go with your recipes, home-cooked meals are often much more satisfying.

But not everyone has a way with plants. And it is for these people that gadgets like Click and Go Smart Flowerpot are made.

This hi-tech vase comes with dirt, seeds, LED lights and sensors. All you have to do is put in batteries and add water every now and then to take care of everything else. The pot wateres the earth and regulates the light when necessary so that its seedlings are always in ideal growing conditions.


At 4 months, you have a fresh crop of peppers, basil, mini tomatoes, or any other plant you choose. The "flavors" come in cartridge inserts that can be changed with each harvest.


The device costs $ 79 and each new cartridge costs $ 20. If you have had the experience of killing little plants by over-watering or caring for less, it could be a great buy.

Learn more about Click and Go Smart Flowerpot by clicking here.

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