International Women's Day

  •  April 5, 2020

International Women's Day

I never forget this date. International Women's Day also marks the birthday of my late friend, Hebe Camargo. This year's occasion is themed “Inspiring Change”. Nothing more appropriate to honor those who continue inspiring my life.

Exactly 5 years ago, I had the privilege of organizing a super birthday party for my best friend. Hebe was 80 years old - and promised to live much longer. A day earlier, she had heard advice from the centennial Dona Canô: "Slow down you get to where I am." Of course, Hebe loved those words, even though he had no vocation to slow them down. And if he listened to Caetano's mother, he might leave us even sooner! My friend has always lived like a powerful locomotive! Powered by the “firewood” of affection, it blew its joy to the four winds of the planet always dragging a legion of friends!

Hebe knew like no one that life exists to be lived! And within that perspective, you accomplished your mission as mastery! Of course, his example of energy to enjoy his own existence, as if each day was the last and worthy of celebration, causes much longing! Who wouldn't give anything in life to have such a friend anytime?

Your example inspires me to this day, as do the stories we live - that will never leave my mind. Today, International Women's Day, my friend would be 85 years old, round date, great for partying. Ah… godmother dear! What I wouldn't give to be organizing today another megafestion for you!

The tribute is fair. The longing is immense. Inspiration is forever. Happy International Hebe Camargo Day, friends!

International Women's Day Lucilia and Hebe

The trademark you miss: a peck from Hebe

International Women's Day #IWasTold (April 2020)