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Indiscreet fridge

  •  April 10, 2020

In the halls, between the brigade and the kitchens, everything looks flawless. So far, these are good points - they have become Michelin stars. But what will the refrigerators the world's greatest chefs have at home?

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With their presentations, they delight strict critics and lucky diners.

By the way they stimulate the senses, the greatest chefs in the world are considered artists.

We always see them at public appearances, while running their restaurants rigorously.

After all, they are professionals from one of the most stressed classes in the world.

For a Michelin star or Yelp comment, the scrutiny is perpetual.

But what would your behavior be like in intimacy?

Imagining what they eat and how they organize food would be an invasion of privacy.

With a strong and undeniable spice of Vouyerism.

A fantasy finally sated.

This is the idea behind the book Inside Chefs' Fridges.

In Portuguese is “Inside the chef's refrigerators”.

The work is signed by writer Adrian Moore and photographer Carrie Solomon.

Here we look at the personal home refrigerators of 40 of Europe's best chefs.

On the list are, for example, Joan Roca, Massimo Bottura, Fergus Henderson and Christian F. Puglisi.

The beautiful images recorded bring notes, as if made in pencil.

This is how we know your favorite local ingredients from every professional.

Which reveals, after all, the origins, influences and preferences that reflect in your final work.

Like a good cookbook, it has recipes.

Each chef collaborated with two, considered homemade and personal.

As a curiosity, the volume brings the addresses of the restaurants of the portrayed.

The book has not yet been released in Brazil.

Here are some of the registered refrigerators.

indiscreet refrigerator1

Chef Héléne Darroze's Fridge: Restaurants in Paris, London and Moscow


The refrigerator of Sven Chartier, chef of the Parisian restaurant Saturne

indiscreet refrigerator-2

Massimo Bottura: Chef's intimacy of the best restaurant in the world

chef fridge

Secrets to discover: What they use at home reveals what they use in their recipes.


Each chef presents two recipes, like these from chef Kobe Desramaults


Cover of the work, edited with the usual taste by Taschen

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