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Indian diet is wisdom back to the table

  •  April 3, 2020

We stay modern but vulnerable to threats that haunt our health from the caves. Feeding the native people can help fight the diseases of modern life. It is wisdom back to the menu.

The diversity of foods in the world is amazing. Each fruit, vegetable or grain contains nutrients that can protect us from almost any disease. The problem is that not everyone can be marketed. Because they are pest resistant, easy to harvest and transport or simply more beautiful than others, only a few species have been chosen for scale production. That is, it is industries and governments, for purely economic reasons, that decide what we can have on the plate.

It was not like that. In the early days, tribes and indigenous peoples had their food systems settled. Her diet was complex, self-sufficient, extremely varied, and nutritionally balanced. When the discovery of the New World shocked such distinct civilizations, much was lost in the process.

That is, as evolved beings, we move away from our origins. Especially with regard to the consumption of nutrients that could protect us more effectively. The results affect even the Indians themselves, faced with the ease of processed foods that abuse white flour, sugar and refined oils.

The record fell with the current search for a healthier way of life. Suddenly, we think that quinoa and chia, the so-called superfoods are new, but have been part of the diet of indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Recently, we have advanced the trend of teff flour: the world's smallest and most nutritious grain that provides energy for Ethiopian tribes, where, as we are well aware, it is difficult to achieve affordable nutritional diversity.

Ancient shamans of the native tribes of North America planned to support their tribes for seven generations, passing the teachings to each other so that this wisdom would never be lost. When this way of life changed, this link was lost.

While finding this type of food is difficult and more expensive, we believe that in the long run the investment is worth it.


Teff, Ethiopia's Tribal Food Base, Begins to Reach Market


The lost grain of the Incas, tribe of pre-colonial Peru, quinoa is an example of back-to-table wisdom.


The chia was on the table of the Aztecs, indigenous people who inhabited Mexico

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