In search of a star

  •  April 15, 2021

The gastronomic universe has definitely become entertainment. And it does not leave the screens. New movie trailer released featuring Michelin star chefs.

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Food that only feeds is no longer enough.

You need a story to tell.

Be in the origin of the ingredients as in the hands of those who prepare it.

And that is beautiful so that, in the form of foodie photo, get the most likes.

As the appetite became imaginary, attending the small screens of social networks is little.

For this reason, more and more films about the culinary universe appear.

We have already seen how the cookware won a Netflix show - click here.

Now another release has been announced.

This is the documentary Michelin Stars: Tales From the Kitchen.

In it, director Rasmus Dinesen interviews some of today's hottest chefs.

All Michelin Star Laureates, honor given to the most outstanding.

The qualification goes from one to three stars, excellence that no restaurant in Brazil has - see list here.

Thus, names like Daniel Humm, René Redzepi and Alain Ducasse are on the screen.

Also appear food critics and even a director of the Michelin company.

The goal is to try to explain how a license plate given by a tire manufacturer has gained so much importance.

There is a serious tone to the work.

Essentially when you see what that star represents - especially for those who don't conquer it.

But there's also the behind-the-scenes charm where the world's most coveted dishes are prepared.

Mouth watering?

For now you have to wait to watch the documentary.

The award takes place on September 23, during the San Sebastián Film Festival (Spain).

To kill the urge, watch following the trailer.

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