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In Paris only with change

  •  April 6, 2020

In Paris only with change

With the piggy banks aboard, a pair of Chinese tourists boarded a vacation to Paris. In trying to pay bills with coins alone, the confusion was great - time to prove and time to count.

Do you accept currency? According to the French newspaper Le parisien, tourists were arrested on suspicion of their hotel staff in Bagnolet, in eastern Paris. On the second day when they tried to pay the daily rate (about $ 100) only with 1 euro coins, travelers, whose names were not disclosed, were arrested for believing the money was fake. After confusion between interpreters, terrified tourists and authorities, the expert concluded that all 3,700 coins were authentic. After the count, the debt was paid off.

The explanation is that every year thousands of European cars are sent to junkyards in China. Before being destroyed, objects - and especially forgotten coins - are meticulously sought after. This was the version presented by the suspects, explaining the origin of the 31.45 kg of coins found in the bags. In this rare case, the curiosity is that the excess baggage was gone.

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