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  •  April 15, 2021

Ever worried about the size of your nose? It can be the fault of the selfies. See how autophoto distorts the portrayed image. And it can lead to low self esteem.

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Many things already bring us down.

Hence, we turned to selfies for the approval of others to animate the day.

But the appeal may have the opposite effect.

The warning comes from a study by Stanford University and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (United States).

Apparently, pictures taken with the camera too close to the face make the nose look wider than it really is.

The effect is devastating.

And it can cause self-esteem and distortion problems in self-image.

At 30 centimeters, the distortion of the nose width reaches 30%.

This leads us to see ourselves differently than we are.

One effect is the increase in unnecessary plastic surgery.

A survey found that 42% of surgeons had patients who sought interventions to improve their selfies.

The data is from the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons and Facial Reconstruction.

Without realizing it, it imprisons us in a vicious circle.

We use selfies to lift the mood, the effect is not expected and so we make more selfies.

The problem has already been classified as a genuine mental disorder, the "selfite".

To find out if you have the condition - click here.

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