If I was you

  •  April 6, 2020

If I was you

In our skin, the view of the world is hardly surprising. But what would it be like if we could see things with someone else's eyes? Get to know the “machine of being another”, with which it is possible to exchange sex, race and also ideas about these subjects.

In order to question concepts of gender, sexuality and mutual respect, the Be Another Lab collective, which brings together professionals from various areas in Barcelona (Spain), created the “machine of being another”. With The Machine to be Another, communication and understanding have gained another point of view.

To work, two people must use a device called Oculus Rift, a virtual reality goggle originally designed for video games. Through a very technological experiment, they begin to see everything the other sees: when looking down, the woman will see the male body, and vice versa. According to the participants' description, after some time doing the same movements, in a synchronized way, the brain deludes itself and the sensation of “sex change” becomes almost real.

In the future, using a more domestic version of this machine should change our perception of the other. Perhaps it is possible for a doctor to operate on one person using the hands of another. Or an artist painting pictures at a distance. The possibilities are endless and the limit will be the imagination. And what would you do if you could be, at least for one day, another person?

If I were you machine

Two people should use computer-connected Oculus Rift for virtual “sex change”

If I were you experiment

With synchronized movements, the brain begins to register the experience as "real"

Here's the video that presents the experience.

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