I love food

  •  August 13, 2020

Food is more than just food. We need to know how different ingredients and steps are made - and how they affect us. New book presents real stories of people who produce, cook and eat with passion.

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The process of formation of peoples did not yield only the emergence of languages.

The cultural melting pot brought us the discovery of ingredients and preparation processes from different regions of the planet.

So what we have on the plate today shows how diversity can produce unanimity.

More than a nutritional need for the body, food represents what we are.

Of course all this complexity yields delicious stories.

Like the ones gathered in the book Eu Amo Comida - 50 stories of Brazilians who love to savor life.

The work consists of 50 interviews with farmers, researchers, cooks, entrepreneurs and consumers.

The testimonials talk about sweets, savory foods, drinks, party foods and everyday life.

Of course, traditional and even exotic dishes were not left out.

Thus, the book creates a stimulating panorama of the gastronomic riches of Brazil.

It's a beautiful tour of the country tables.

The trip goes from the ground fire barbecue in the gaucho pampas to the indigenous food made in clay pots in Roraima.

And passing by the Italian heritage in Sao Paulo, the native fruit ice cream of Fortaleza, the jams of Goiás and so on.

In addition to the stories, the book is full of recipes, tips and beautiful pictures.

A work to whet the appetite - and the horizons.

To secure the book - click here.

Part of the income will be donated to institutions that make food a transforming element, the Food Banking NGO and Gastromotiva..

I love food straight from my feet

Among the stories is that of the “frutologist” Helton, from Campina do Monte Alegre (SP)

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