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How do the bags form under the eyes?

  •  September 23, 2020

How the bags form under the eyes

We get emotional, make up, and often get a lot of sleep. Imagine everything at the same time. With so much activity, the delicate eye region complains. And when that happens, we wake up with eyelid bags. After all, why does this happen?

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Why after a long journey, or ballad, do the bags come under the eyes?

The area below the eyes is one of the most suffering from bad habits such as poor sleep, poor diet and low water intake.

There is still the threat of allergies or infections, genetic motives, the unavoidable weather factor, or a salt-rich diet that holds fluid in cells.

In the end, everything is reflected in the mirror through the dark circles, tiredness and fearful eyelids.

Video from the Mental Floss series helps us understand the reason for this unwanted swelling and how to avoid it more simply.

Check out the video below - select subtitles in Portuguese.

At the bottom of the video you should click on "subtitles". Then click on "details." There, select “Subtitles / Translate Subtitles” and the language.

Bags Under the Eyes Treatment (September 2020)