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Honesty on the menu

  •  September 20, 2020

Honesty on the menu

Worm meat? They may have several flaws in their formula, except the one stated by this rumor. In the face of the fall of its audience, McDonald's serves honesty. In the official version, look closely at how their burgers are made.

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The public that has rocked the popularity of cheap, non-nutritious fast food menus is aging.

Young people do not want to be identified with the (wrong) choices of the previous generation.

Fierce competition also impairs the financial performance of the category.

The threat is the healthiest options.

To garner sympathy for the remaining fans, McDonald's released a video showing how their hamburgers are made.

The aim was also to clarify once and for all the origin of his flagship.

Maybe honesty will work.

That's because newer marketing strategies, like black hamburger, seem desperate.

The initiative to reveal its behind the scenes serves to position itself in front of a new audience.

Audience used to finding the truth on social networks, where the consumer experience is worth more than the official versions.

We have already seen how sausages are made.

But in the case of hamburgers, the process does not shock so much.

In the official images, we can see that the company serves 100% beef.

So far so good.

The problem is knowing that a single steak can contain the meat of up to a thousand different cows.

Not to mention what they do for the combo around.

For many reasons, the message is one: run away from fast food.

Despite the myths, the images seem to correspond to the truth.

See in the brief report of the Portuguese channel Econômico.

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