•  April 3, 2020


From the country of bad food examples also comes good news: in the United States, childhood obesity has fallen 43%. The bad news is that we are on the other side of the scale.

Alone is very difficult. The US government reported a 43% drop in the obesity rate among children aged two to five. PublishedJournal of the American Medical Association, is the first time the fact has been recorded.

This work, which took a decade to reap results, is the result of the joint efforts of the spheres of power. It started with municipalities, like New York, which banned industrialized snack foods from schools. Along came efforts promoted in states such as California, which acts strongly against sugar added to foods. And also the White House, through campaigns like Let’s Move, led by First Lady Michele Obama.

Obesity is a visible problem. In childhood, usually foreshadows a life of struggle against weight and the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke, among other diseases. As we have seen, the more weight we allow children to gain, the harder it will be to lose them as adults. Therefore, the achievement is great.

However, the obesity crisis has strongly affected developing countries - among them, our Brazil. Across the border, Mexico has overtaken the United States to become the fattest country on the planet. There, the number of obese doubled in the same last ten years. Already 32.8% of the population, a point ahead of Americans, according to a United Nations study. In 1980, three out of ten adults in Latin America were considered “out of shape”. 20 years later, it is already 60%. Two out of every three Brazilians are out of standard - both aesthetic and public health.

This is where the lesson is. That is why I insist so much on publicizing beneficial ingredient exchanges. And different ways of preparing daily dishes. One thing you can start doing is meeting a family mealtime. They look like small gestures, but as we have seen, the path is made of steps. Count on my company and support in each of them!

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