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Holy click

  •  April 5, 2020

Holy click

A person as good as Jesus, Mother Tereza and Gandhi? You! Unicef ​​Campaign brings together these examples of life on a level playing field with simple mortals, in humorous videos that make one wonder: are we a click away from paradise?

It is at Christmas time that we exercise our charitable side most intensely. In search of resources, Unicef ​​Sweden's campaign appeals to the sensitivity we all share, with a very convincing argument. In TV commercials created by Forsman & Bodenfors we see that today (and thanks to the internet) a life of privation is not required to secure a VIP seat in heaven.

Even in English, it is possible to understand the simple argument we see in the movies. In fun situations with the holiest characters in Humanity, the message is that a good deed is accessible to anyone. To do so, simply click on the banner of the United Nations Children's Fund, which is present on the Nordic country websites. Or go straight to the official campaign page - for those who risk some Swedish. After all, we all understand that doing good without seeing who the message is.

Watch the commercials now - especially the last one where Jesus surfs the internet!

Graham Kendrick - Holy Overshadowing (Acoustic Trio Sessions) featuring Ben Trigg (April 2020)