Health, the choice of the new generation

  •  April 10, 2020

It seems that with a particular audience, we no longer need to boast about the benefits of healthy eating. Amazingly, it is children who choose to eat vegetables and healthy foods. The food revolution has begun. And through kindergarten.

They are candy fans, don't go without a candy or lollipop and wait for Easter treats rather than Christmas gifts, right? Wrong. Children who are fans of healthy food become examples, even for adults. This is the case of the healthy eating child star Amber Kelly. This 10-year-old American has her own website and YouTube channel, where she gives tips and recipes under the slogan “Being healthy is cool”.

Even so young, Amber has already won praise from Michele Obama for being the champion of her state (Washington) in the competition for the healthiest lunch recipe in the United States. Also from his own idol, Jamie Oliver, with whom he lived on the chef's culinary reality show, where he was a finalist.

This is a sample of how kids have been increasingly interested in alternatives to traditionally considered infant feeding. We have already seen how the industry acts to catch the attention (and preference) of the shorty. But now we seem to be following the formation of the first generation who, between a broccoli and a cheeseburger, will opt for the first without blinking.


Recognized Example: Next to the First Lady of the United States

Green Amber Banana Smoothie


1 banana
200 g spinach
250 ml of apple juice
1 lemon

Method of preparation

1 - A day earlier, freeze a peeled banana into pieces
2 - Beat apple juice, lemon juice and spinach in a blender.
3 - Add the banana and beat until well blended.
4 - Sweeten with sweetener to taste and serve.

The choice of a new generation. (April 2020)